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I just reinstalled phpMyAdmin due to a problem I had, that's besides the point. All the icons, such as the ones on the left side of the page, do not show. This is on every page I go to that no icons are visible. However, when I right click the empty box where the icon is supposed to be, then click open image in new tab, the correct image shows.

Can someone please help explain how to get the icons showing? Thanks!

enter image description here

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How did you install phpMyAdmin? –  Rocket Hazmat Jan 1 at 3:55
@RocketHazmat I downloaded through their site, if that's what you mean? –  Alec Jan 1 at 3:58
Are you on Safari 5? This could be the problem. sourceforge.net/p/phpmyadmin/bugs/3940 –  Madhura Jayaratne Jan 1 at 9:38

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Try clearing your browser's cache.

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