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Can't understand the error.

duplicate symbol _currentCount in:
ld: 1 duplicate symbol for architecture i386
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
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Just check the line where its giving error –  Undercover Developer Jan 1 at 5:07
Is currentCount is globle varible? If it is, It seems that you delare it in two files, can you show your code where you declare it. –  KudoCC Jan 1 at 5:07
Why down vote!! @underCover developer>> This error does not lead to any line. If it is then I would check it. –  Rashad Jan 1 at 5:08
@KudoCC >> Yes. it is. I never got any error like this before. –  Rashad Jan 1 at 5:09
it seems like you have declared currentCount multiple time –  Undercover Developer Jan 1 at 5:09

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1、if you declare the currentCount in .h file and include it in two .m file.

Add extern in front of currentCount declaration in .h file.


extern int currentCount;

2、if you declare the currentCount in two .m file.

And static in front of currentCount in .m file


static int currentCount

One more thing, variable declare after @implementation doesn't belong to that class , it is global value.

@interface Obj : NSObject

@implementation Obj
int a = 0 ; // a declare in Obj class

@interface Obj2 : NSObject

@implementation Obj2
- (id)init
    self = [super init] ;
    if (self) {
        a = 1 ; // you can access it in Obj2 class
    return self ;
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I didn't declare currentCount in .h file. I declare it in .m file. Adding extern before declaration does not solve the error. i want to know the actual reason. –  Rashad Jan 1 at 5:16
@Rashad Which file You declare it Alerts.m or Server.m? –  KudoCC Jan 1 at 5:18
I declared it in both file. Why a variable with same name but declared in different class will give a linker error? –  Rashad Jan 1 at 5:20
@Rashad It is global value except you add static key word in front of it. You can try it , you add extern int currentCount in Alerts.h file, then any file include the Alerts.h file can access the variable because it is global. –  KudoCC Jan 1 at 5:28
Two different class? Can you show me the code? linker links all your file together in an executable file, doesn't it? So it doesn't matter if they are in two file. –  KudoCC Jan 1 at 5:33

Check it may you write a "#import file.m" instead of "#import file.h". So, In Compiles Resource will duplicate symbol file.o.

You may need to remove the duplicates in Targets Build Phases under the Compiled Sources grouping.

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I didn't imported .m file. "If more than one class shares a same name this kind of error will come" why? Can please explain? –  Rashad Jan 1 at 5:18
"If more than one class shares a same name this kind of error will come" kehna kya chahte ho @Viruss mca –  JustChill Jan 1 at 10:06
@WasimMalek: you can not share same name object of class. :) –  Viruss mca Jan 1 at 10:10

Add Quartzcore framework or check the file you don't have any duplicate file name in project.i think you add two projects thats why this error is occur.

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I declared a global variable in two different class in server.m and alerts.m file. This give the linker error. I just want to know the reason why I can not do so. –  Rashad Jan 1 at 5:40

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