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In C++ Builder, how can I make sure that even correctly nested code like:

void func () {



C++ Builder correctly nested only doing so:

void func ()




This is very stressful, because I always have to correct by hand. So how can I make which indents code as well in the first instance?

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Which version of C++Builder are you using? –  stukelly Jan 19 '10 at 22:13

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The code formatter in C++Builder 2010 should do this automatically for you. (It is invoked with CTRL-D) You’ll have to set the preferences to how you like your code to be formatted, but this is a real time saver new with this most recent release.

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I mean, when i typing words, and i'm going to do a block {} if i don't put down the { in a new line, the indentation results incorrent because when i press enter the caret are after the }, so i must give a new line. When i'm coding too, this is so tedious –  JonnyIlRosso Jan 18 '10 at 19:27

Select the block, then press CTRL+SHIFT+I. This is in Borland C++ 6.

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I am using this free tools:


using tabs to shift marked blocks to left or right.

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I don't have a copy of this to run, but the documentation mentions "Indentation, Spaces, and Line breaks" as some of the options under the formatter tab of the "Tools > Options" dialog.

What you're looking for is probably under the "Line Breaks" section.

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