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My application is mainly developped by C++ on Windows platform. Now I want to integrate some fancy features implemented by C# into my app.

The way I call C# code from C++ is ICLRRuntimeHost::ExecuteInDefaultAppDomain, which requires the method signiture of C# is static int pwzMethodName (String pwzArgument).

The problem is how can I pass a pointer of an instance C++ class as the pwzArgument into the calling method, and consume the native C++ class from C# code directly?

For example, I have the following C++ code and C# code,

// C++ code
struct IUserContext
    virtual const char* GetCompany() const = 0;
    virtual const char* GetUser() const = 0;
class UserContextImpl : public IUserContext
    virtual const char* GetCompany() const { return m_company.c_str(); }
    virtual const char* GetUser() const { return m_user.c_str(); }
    std::string m_company; // will be assigned in constructor
    std::string m_user;
int main()
    ICLRRuntimeHost *pClrHost = CreateHost();
    UserContextImpl user;
    IUserContext& cx = user;
    DWORD dwRet;

    wstringstream param;
    param << (void*)&cx;


// C# code
namespace MyCompany.Namespace
    interface IUserContext
        string GetCompany();
        string GetUser();
    public class MyClass
        public static int Start(string pwzArgument)
            IntPtr pointer = (IntPtr)int.Parse(pwzArgument, NumberStyles.AllowHexSpecifier);
            // How to implement this "MagicMarshal.GetInterface" method? 
            IUserContext cx = MagicMarshal.GetInterface<IUserContext>(pointer);
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