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I try to make save as button but I got this error message when I tried to save a file in my directory, (I want to save my file in text format (.txt or .doc))

File "C:\Users\Mr.Pakde/.qgis2/python/plugins\condition\conditiondialog.py", line 80, in saveAs
        self._save( _filename )
    File "C:\Users\Mr.Pakde/.qgis2/python/plugins\condition\conditiondialog.py", line 68, in _save
        f.write( 'Rekomendasi :' + str(self.ui.textRec1.setPlainText() ) )
    TypeError: QTextEdit.setPlainText(QString): not enough arguments

This is the code:

Recomen = self.ui.btnRec1
QtCore.QObject.connect(Recomen, QtCore.SIGNAL('clicked()'),self.Compare1)   
Smpan = self.ui.btnSave
QtCore.QObject.connect(Smpan, QtCore.SIGNAL('clicked()'),self.saveAs)       

def Compare1(self):
    input1 = self.ui.lineInput1.text()
    input2 = self.ui.lineInput2.text()
    compare = ''
    if input1 == input2:
        compare = 'Data dapat digunakam'
        compare = 'Data tidak cocok'

def _save(self, simpan):        
    f = open( simpan, 'w' )
    f.write( 'Input 1 :' + str(self.ui.lineInput1.text()) ) 
    f.write( 'Input 2 :' + str(self.ui.lineInput2.text()) )
    f.write( 'Rekomendasi :' + str(self.ui.textRec1.setPlainText()) )       
def savefile(self):
    if self.simpan:
          self._save( "%s" % self.simpan )

def saveAs(self):
    tulis = QtGui.QFileDialog(self).getSaveFileName()
    if tulis !="":
        _filename = "%s" % tulis
        self._save( _filename )
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Are you missing part of the code? The first 2 lines seem to be indented too much? Please verify the code is correctly displayed. – Inbar Rose Jan 1 '14 at 10:45
sorry my mistake, i accidentaly tab the first 2 line when copying it from notepad++ but it work fine in my pc (no indentation error) and QGIS can load it, error happen when i try save file to directory (ex C:\Document\practice) – user3044923 Jan 1 '14 at 16:27

You need to use the toPlainText method to get the text from the text-edit:

    f.write('Rekomendasi :' + str(self.ui.textRec1.toPlainText()))
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It looks like you are missing code, since the error message refers to line 80. But the error message also refers to

f.write( 'Rekomendasi :' + str(self.ui.textRec1.setPlainText()) ). 

And according to documentation .setPlainText needs a QString for input. http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qtextedit.html#plainText-prop

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