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I use SSAS and SQL Server 2008 R2.

I want select Product that exist inside productcategory that named 'Accessories'.

How I can filter a dimension ?

I write a MDX Query like this :

        [Dim Product].[Hierarchy].[ProductCategory] , 
        [Dim Product].[state] =  1
       On Columns
From [Adventure Works DW]

But I got an error :

Executing the query ...
Query (4, 10) The CURRENTMEMBER function expects a hierarchy expression for the 1    
argument. A member expression was used.

Execution complete
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There is no need of filtering anything :

  [Dim Product].[Hierarchy].[ProductCategory].[Accessories] On Columns 
From [Adventure Works DW]

[edit] not sure to understand what you want to achieve - how about that - still no need of this Filter function :

  [Dim Product].[Hierarchy].[ProductCategory]  On Columns
From [Adventure Works DW]
where [Dim Product].[state].[1]
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excuse me I change my query. i want filter a dimension when another dimension is X –  Ardalan Shahgholi Jan 2 '14 at 7:06

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