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I have a nav menu set to days of the week, when the webpage is opened / and or if the user hasn't performed an action for a certain amount of time, I would like the page to cycle through the days of the week as if they were clicked with a delay of 15 seconds or so in between.

<div id="nav" class="inner dark-blue">
      <li id="sunday" style='border: none'>Sunday</li>
      <li id="monday">Monday</li>
      <li id="tuesday">Tuesday</li>
      <li id="wednesday">Wednesday</li>
      <li id="thursday">Thursday</li>
      <li id="friday">Friday</li>
      <li id="saturday">Saturday</li>
      <li id="about">About</li>

What's the best way to do this with JavaScript? I've tried setTimeout but it doesn't work as expected.


I am part of the way there now with the below code:

for (var i = 0; i < menuitems.length; i++){
  $(menuitems[i]).delay(10000*i).queue(function() {
    $(this).trigger('click'); /**Nearly there!**/

This goes from Sunday to Saturday and stops, I'd like it to return back to Sunday.

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Each menu item contains different pages to be loaded, or its content will be displayed in tabs? –  Chirag Vidani Jan 1 at 12:57
I have a div that has a certain iframe appended depending on which is clicked. –  Paul Bentham Jan 1 at 12:58
i think you have to use setInterval() and setTimeout() both to achieve it. –  Jai Jan 1 at 13:01

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You can use


Reference link

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That worked by itself, but in a for loop it didnt work... –  Paul Bentham Jan 1 at 16:59

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