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I have an app which I want to sign and publish. I did not develop the app using eclipse. I have very little idea about programming. I have searched a lot of forums but could not find a way to do it. Can anyone explain the procedure to do it without using eclipse?

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1 - You haven't done so, you'll need to create a new key, open the command line and type:

keytool -genkey -noprompt \
 -alias      eclipse \
 -dname "CN=first and last name" \
 -keystore "c:\path\keyname.key" \
 -storepass password \
 -keypass password \
 -keyalg RSA \
 -keysize 2048 \
 -validity 10000

2 - Now you must sign the APK:

 -keystore c:\path\keyname.key
 -storepass password
 -keypass password
 -signedjar DEV_HOME/bin/AndroidTest.signed.apk DEV_HOME/bin/AndroidTest.unsigned.apk AndroidTestKey

3 - Last step is to zipalign:

-f 4  DEV_HOME/bin/AndroidTest.signed.apk DEV_HOME/bin/AndroidTest.apk

DEV_HOME is the location of you project
ANDROID_HOME is the Android SDK location
JAVA_HOME is the Java location

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Could u please explain that first part of how to generate key a bit more clearly and what are the tools that I need for this –  user3143901 Jan 1 at 20:45
check this website for further info : geosoft.no/development/android.html –  Pedro Lobito Jan 1 at 20:51
did you manage to build the apk from the command line? if so, you should mark the answer as correct by clicking on the checkbox. –  Pedro Lobito Jan 2 at 5:51
Should I install jdk for generating key? –  user3143901 Jan 2 at 7:32
you must install java and have, at least, the zipalign tool available. –  Pedro Lobito Jan 2 at 10:14

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