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I wanted to remove the Ubuntu partition from my computer (had ubuntu and win xp dual booted). So, I removed it using Disk Management from win xp. However, this resulted in Grub trying to boot the computer into the non-existant ubuntu rather than the windows boot loader working. I have the windows xp installation cd and am trying to recover the data that was on the C drive, however, I cannot remember the master password (asked when XP installation is performed) and am trying to find a way to go around this, but so far no luck. I tried Active Boot Disk Creator, but it cannot seem to find the operating system. I assume that this is due to the grub issue.

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm open to trying anything at this point.


SOLUTION: (From https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreUbuntu/XP/Vista/7Bootloader)

Basically, all I did was:

sudo apt-get install lilo
sudo lilo -M /dev/sda mbr

The computer now boots into the "Activate Windows Now" screen. After reading some stuff on how to bypass it, since I can't even enter my XP key, this problem was resolved. :)

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I know it's 2014 NY's day, but as an idea can you not re-run the Ubuntu 'live' CD and then try 'Boot repair' re-setting the MBR? I had similar issues with a dual run comp and Boot Repair seemed to solve it if my memory serves me, maybe follow that route. Good luck.

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This seems like a good route. Got widows to boot. Will write up what I did. Thanks! –  Chmod Jan 1 at 15:37

I had this problem. Try to boot from a XP flash disk (if possible) or CD (if you have one) and get a command line. Use the following command : bootrec /fixmbr. It will reinstall your MBR (like Grub but for Windows) and Grub will be deleted. PS : If you don't have Windows XP, download a Windows 7 ISO from another PC, flash it to your USB key with Windows 7 Download Tool and then boot from it. You will be able to get a command line :)

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I can't seem to get to the recovery console because of the password issue. –  Chmod Jan 1 at 15:11
But from the CD or flash disk you shouldn't have to enter it. Wait... the master of what ? BIOS or XP ? –  Thomas Pat Kowalski-Zuckerberg Jan 1 at 15:21
It seems to be attached to the hard drive, so I think it must be xp's. –  Chmod Jan 1 at 15:36
So you won't need it to run the command. You won't have to reinstall XP unless you don't find how to reset the password (but I think you can by searching solutions on Google to do that...) –  Thomas Pat Kowalski-Zuckerberg Jan 1 at 15:54

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