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I work in durandal project.

I have drop-down-list (comboBox) of kendo-ui.

This combo, inherits its width from its wrapper input.

I give the wrapper input 206px width (I do it with ko.bindingHandler, because after some user actions I want to change the width. But it is immaterial )

In the same page I have regular HTML input, that accept its width by bootrap.min.css. The width is 206px.

But, the combo seem less wide then the regular input.


Here is my code:


<input  id="kendoCombo" data-bind=" value:'444', 
        kendoDropDownListWidth: comboWidth,

            kendoDropDownList: { dataSource: data,
            dataTextField: itemText,
            template: template,
            change:onChange}" />  

<input type="text" value="selection reason..."  />


define(function() {
    ko.bindingHandlers.kendoDropDownListWidth = {
        update: function(element, valueAccessor) {
            var dropdownlist = $(element).data("kendoDropDownList");
            dropdownlist.wrapper[0].style["width"] =
    var vm = {
        comboWidth: ko.observable('206px'),
        //other code...
    return vm;

I tried to check if the ko.bindingHandler works well by giving to comboWidth field another width, it works well. I follow after the regular input width by console, I'm sure its width id 206px.

So, what can it be?

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Can you reproduce this on jsFiddle (wthout all the rest of your page)? It is possible that there is some other style that is causing it. If you can't reproduce it on jsFiddle, then you know that the problem is with some other part of your code. If you can reproduce it on jsFiddle, then share the fiddle with us so we can see. –  Moshe Katz Jan 1 at 15:22

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