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I was doing an exercise and the solution was:

def solution(pairs)
  pairs.map{|k,v| "#{k} = #{v}"}.join(',')

my solution worked, but was different because in the Hash class doc I didn't find a method called map, it is present in the Array class but not the Hash one. So the question is, how do I have to read the core ruby api? sometimes do I need to guess if a class has a method? Why isn't map method reported?

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Hash included Enumerable module. And the Hash#map is actually Enumerable#map. Open your IRB, do as below I did, you will get all your answers. Look the documentation of Method class.

h = {1=>2}
# => #<Method: Hash(Enumerable)#map>
# => "#<Method: Hash(Enumerable)#map>"
# => Enumerable
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