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I have a import/export management form. It contains field like item_id and others. In database their is item table and certificate table which contain their respective detail.

For now I am using certificate table for storing the import/export detail. I contains:

** Certificate View:**

<table class="table">
        <td>Item Name</td>
            <?php echo form_input(array('name'=>'item_id','class'=>'asearch','onKeyUp'=>'ajaxSearch();'),set_value('item_id', $certificate->item_id));?>
            <span class="add-on icon-search"></span>
            <div class="search_result"></div>
            <td>From: </td>
            <td><?php echo form_input(array('name'=>'fcity','placeholder'=>'City'),set_value('fcity', $certificate->fcity));?></td>
            <td><?php echo form_input(array('name'=>'fcountry','placeholder'=>'Country'),set_value('fcountry', $certificate->fcountry));?></td>
            <td>To: </td>
            <td><?php echo form_input(array('name'=>'tcity','placeholder'=>'City'),set_value('tcity', $certificate->tcity));?></td>
            <td><?php echo form_input(array('name'=>'tcountry','placeholder'=>'Country'),set_value('tcountry', $certificate->tcountry));?></td>
            <td><?php echo form_input('quantity',set_value('quantity', $certificate->quantity));?></td>
            <td>Amount (Rs.)</td>
            <td><?php echo form_input('amount',set_value('amount', $certificate->amount));?></td>
            <?php $options2 = array(
                  '0'  => 'Fail',
                  '1'    => 'Pass',
                ); ?>
            <td><?php echo form_dropdown('status', $options2, '1');?></td>

<script type="text/javascript">
function ajaxSearch() {
    searchValue = $('.asearch').val();
        type: 'POST',
        url: "<?php echo site_url("certificate/ajax_search"); ?>",
        data: {
            string : searchValue
    }).done(function(msg) {
        $(".search_result").html( msg );

Certificate Controller

    public function ajax_search() {
        $string = $this->input->post('string');
        if(!empty($string)) {
            $items = $this->item_m->get_by_like($string);
            $output = "<ul>";
            if($items) {
                foreach($items as $item) {
                    $output .= "<li>" . $item->item ."</li>";
            } else {
                $output .= "<li>No Item Found!!</li>";
            $output .= "</ul>";
            echo $output;

Item Model:

public function get_by_like($where, $single = FALSE) {
    $get = $this->get(NULL, $single);
    return $get;

what I want to do now is:

Till now it is displaying the ajax search result for item name perfectly but I am not being able to to select the result.

  • I want to select the result and Display item_name in input field but submit item_id in my certificate table.
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where is ajax here? –  Jai Jan 1 at 16:23
@Jai Now I have put the ajax in the code –  super global user Jan 1 at 17:19

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