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Look my source:

  • Template:


<mx:Script source="" />

<!-- Template -->
<mx:DataGrid id="grid" width="100%" height="100%" doubleClick="editRecord();">
    <mx:columns  >
        <mx:DataGridColumn width="30" resizable="false" draggable="false">
                    <mx:LinkButton icon="@Embed('assets/img/delete.png')" click="outerDocument.deleteRecord(event);" />
        <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Nome" dataField="name" />
        <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Nome de exibição" dataField="displayName" />
        <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Cor" dataField="color" />            


  • ActionScript:

[code] import fuel.Ajax; import fuel.IModule; import fuel.window.Window;

import mx.controls.Alert; import; import mx.modules.ModuleLoader;

public var win:Window;

/** * Constructor * * Get data from turbo gears controller */ public function init():void {
showLoading(); Ajax.requestJSON('/access/status/getList', {}, function (obj:Object):void { hideLoading(); grid.dataProvider = obj.results; }); }

/** * Call form to edit record */ public function editRecord():void {

try {;                   
} catch(e:Error) {"Você deve selecionar um registro válido", "Atenção");

var module:ModuleLoader = new ModuleLoader();
module.url = "access/CreateStatus.swf";
module.applicationDomain = ApplicationDomain.currentDomain;
module.addEventListener( ModuleEvent.READY, onModuleReady );

var title_bar:String = "Edição de Status (" + + ")";

if( this.window ){
    win = this.window.openChild(title_bar, module, 410, 250);
} else {
    win = (parentApplication as Admin).winManager.openWindow(title_bar, module, 410, 250);


/** * Call controller to delete record */ private function actionDeleteRecord( resp:Object ):void { if( resp.detail == Alert.YES ){ grid.enabled = false;

    Ajax.requestJSON( "/access/status/delete", { 'id' : }, function( obj:Object ):void {
        if (obj.error == false) {
  "Registro deletado com sucesso", "Confirmação");
        } else {
  , "Erro");


    grid.enabled = true;


/** * Call request to delete record */ public function deleteRecord( event : Event ):void {"Esta operação NÃO poderá ser desfeita.\nDeseja mesmo remover o status \""+grid.selectedItem.displayName+"\"?", "Confirmação", Alert.YES | Alert.NO, this, actionDeleteRecord ); }

public function onModuleReady( event:ModuleEvent ):void {
var loader:ModuleLoader = as ModuleLoader;

var m:* = loader.child as IModule;
if( m ) m.addEventListener( Event.RENDER, function runModule(e:Event):void{
    m.window = win;                 
    m.removeEventListener( Event.RENDER, runModule );

}; [/code]

I need set background of row using the value of color how exists in dataProvider.

Sorry for my ignorance, this is my first project using flex.


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The solution is to make a class that extends DataGrid and override the drawRowBackground method, which is responsible for drawing a colored rectangle behind the row items.

The drawRowBackground method is passed a default color, as well as the index of your current data item, so you can retrieve the current item, grab a custom color property from it, and pass that color into the super.drawRowBackground() call.

override protected function drawRowBackground(s:Sprite, rowIndex:int, 
                                                y:Number, height:Number,
                                                color:uint, dataIndex:int):void 
    if (dataIndex < dataProvider.length && dataProvider[dataIndex])
        color = dataProvider[dataIndex].color;
    super.drawRowBackground(s, rowIndex, y, height, color, dataIndex);
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