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I'm trying to have one button add 1 and another button add 2 using the code below. It's going all kinds of wrong.. You can only use the button +2 once (then you have to use the +1 button, otherwise pressing the +2 again doesn't do anything) And using the +1 button adds 1 to the number you had before you added 2 (by using the +2 button).. Also; if you give a number as input and you use the +1 button the first time it gives you the exact number you gave as input... The +2 button does not do this..

What should i change and what is happening?

<script type = "text/javascript">

var givenNumber = parseFloat(prompt("Give a number to start with"))
var givenNumber2 = givenNumber

function addingFunc() 
    document.getElementById('result').innerHTML = givenNumber2 ++ ;

function addingFunc2()
    document.getElementById('result').innerHTML = givenNumber2 + 2;

<button id="add_number" onclick="addingFunc()">Add 1 to number</button>
<br />
<button id="add_number" onclick="addingFunc2()">Add 2 to number</button>
<br />
<div id="result"></div>

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Use givenNumber2 += 2; to change the actual value of givenNumber2 –  megawac Jan 1 at 20:11
Also, postfix ++ returns the value unaltered and then changes the value. –  apsillers Jan 1 at 20:12
... and you might also want to change the +1 code to something similar: givenNumber2 += 1; –  Pointy Jan 1 at 20:12
Bad programming != Sorcery –  Shomz Jan 1 at 20:16
@user3151753 Sure, but here's an advice: don't ever use such question titles. It makes you look bad. :) Just simply explain what the problem is. –  freakish Jan 1 at 20:25

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The mechanics behind it is quite easy actually. You replace the content of div with givenNumber2 + 2. You don't modify givenNumber2 in addingFunc2. Try this:

function addingFunc2()
    givenNumber2 += 2;
    document.getElementById('result').innerHTML = givenNumber2;

It's far from sorcery...

The reason why addingFunc1 is behind is because of operator precedense. givenNumber2++ updates the number after setting innerHTML. Use either ++givenNumber2 or simply follow the same rule as above.

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The +1 code does modify it, and it should also be changed so that it's a pre-increment instead of a post-increment. –  Pointy Jan 1 at 20:13
@Pointy Yep, yep, I've meant addingFunc2 only. –  freakish Jan 1 at 20:14
Thnx alot, that does clear some things up. –  user3151753 Jan 1 at 20:29

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