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Please can someone offer me advice with a problem I am having. I am trying to run aFileDialog (documented in https://code.google.com/p/afiledialog/)

This consists of a library project (aFileDialog) and a sample program to use it (aFileDialogSamples). I have set up both aFileDialog and aFileDialogSamples in Eclipse and managed to build them both, with aFileDialog set as a library. In the Java Build Path for aFileDialogSamples, I have included aFileDialog in the Projects tab. When I run aFileDialogSamples through Eclipse, it says "Could not find aFileDialog.apk!".

I built aFileDialogSamples.apk and installed it on my Galaxy S2, but when I ran it, it failed, with following errors in the logcat: I/dalvikvm: Failed resolving Lar/com/daidalos/afiledialog/test/AFileDialogTestingActivity$16; interface 12 'Lar/com/daidalos/afiledialog/FileChooserDialog?$OnFileSelectedListener?;' W/dalvikvm: Link of class 'Lar/com/daidalos/afiledialog/test/AFileDialogTestingActivity$16;' failed E/dalvikvm: Could not find class 'ar.com.daidalos.afiledialog.test.AFileDialogTestingActivity$16', referenced from method ar.com.daidalos.afiledialog.test.AFileDialogTestingActivity. W/dalvikvm: VFY: unable to resolve new-instance 21 (Lar/com/daidalos/afiledialog/test/AFileDialogTestingActivity$16;) in Lar/com/daidalos/afiledialog/test/AFileDialogTestingActivity;

Any idea what I might have done wrong. Thanks in advance.

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