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I'm using Windows Server 2012 , Apache 2.2.22 and PHP 5.3.13. Also postgreSQL 9.1 and postGIS 2.0

PHP is installed fine. I changed the Document Root of Apache, from Apache, successfully. Now DocumentRoot is set to "D:/sites".

During installation of PHP I chose to also install PDO for postgreSQL.

I check the php.ini and the line extension=php_pdo_pgsql.dll is not commented out.

In my site I have map.php that includes header.php. Header.php includes connection.php.

connection.php contains code to connect to the db.


header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF8');

try {  
$dbh = new PDO("pgsql:host=localhost;port=5432;dbname=cmapdbs;user=yyy;password=yyy");
$dbh->exec("SET NAMES UTF8");
$dbh->query('SET NAMES UTF8');
$dbh->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_EMULATE_PREPARES, false);

catch(PDOException $e){  
echo "  ---  ";

    echo $e->getMessage();

echo "  ---  ";

echo $e;

pg_query('SET NAMES UTF8');


I can not connect to the db. The error I get is

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at D:\sites\mysite\header.php:84) in D:\sites\mysite\connection.php on line 4
PROBLEM --- could not find driver --- exception 'PDOException' with message 'could not find driver' in D:\sites\mysite\connection.php:7 Stack trace: #0 D:\sites\mysite\connection.php(7): PDO->__construct('pgsql:host=loca...') #1 D:\sites\mysite\map.php(5): include_once('D:\sites\mysite...') #2 {main}
Fatal error: Call to undefined function pg_query() in D:\sites\mysite\connection.php on line 26

Excuse my ignorance, I don't know how to fix it. I thought that selecting PDO during install and check the ini will do the trick

Thanks in advance

PS : In info.php, in the PDO section nothing is enabled.

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Very puzzled by the line extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll is not a comment - what's that got to do with the rest of your question, which seems to be about Postgres? –  fvu Jan 1 at 21:21
@fvu I thought maybe php.ini is not setted properly. So I checked. –  slevin Jan 1 at 21:22
mysql's pdo driver is irrelevant for postgres, plus you are calling pg_query which is a classic postgresdriver call - not a pdo one. –  fvu Jan 1 at 21:35
I have no idea how I can say this more clearly, do NOT use pg_query, that's it. –  fvu Jan 1 at 21:56
You already have the $dbh->query("SET NAMES UTF-8"); in there, so the functionality has been ported. Just remove the call to pg_query() (assuming it's not also elsewhere in the code) –  Michael Berkowski Jan 1 at 22:31
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