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the problem it's every time i use imshow from the function will show the last imshow which is image number 3 but image number 1 and two will not show in both axes 1 and 2 ...

% --- Executes on button press in pushbutton4.

function pushbutton4_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)

% if ~exist('gabor.mat','file')

% fprintf ('Creating Gabor Filters ...');

% create_gabor;

% end

% if exist('net.mat','file') % load net; % else % createffnn % end exist('imgdb.mat','file') && exist('imgdb1.mat','file') && exist('imgdb2.mat','file') load imgdb;

load imgdb1;

load imgdb2;

load net.mat
load net1.mat
load net2.mat
    [file_name file_path] = uigetfile ('*.tif');
    if file_path ~= 0
        im = imread ([file_path,file_name]);
        ticenter code here
        im = img2vec (im);
        im_out = imscan (net,im);
        im_out1 = imscan (net1,im);
        im_out2 = imscan (net2,im);

        if (im_out<0.8)
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