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I am looking for opinion from people who have know how in this industry. So i can plan better.

It has to be very good at performance, and very decent at graphics. Is it possible to not download everything from start each time person wants to play that game by visiting a site.

Canvas: easy to use, looks very promising, but as you do anything deep performance degrades to horrible especially full screen canvases. Performance is slashed in half on most tablets.

Flash: blocked and need to download. But has better performance and more tools.

Unity3d: much like flash. Not sure about this?

webgl: bad support, buggy too. On mobile/tablet for some reason it just sucks. Harder to code in, and limited by js...

Standalone app hybrid app: what are other options beside adobe air.

If you think about it on mobile, it's way more convenient to open an app and be on your way then to first open web browser, then write the site, then maybe login, then get bad tasting app. On desktop, difference is somewhat blurred. Both can do things at the same noticeable rate.

After thinking hard yesterday i had question...why there is a trend to replace flash with something that will exist in future.

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The best advantage of web-based application is cross-platform. If you write a native app for mobile devices, I don't understand why you try to build a web-based game for desktop, it can be done with native app too... I think it is also the reason why flash is on the decline.(flash cannot work on ipad/iphone) –  Sibevin Wang Jan 2 at 2:54
I think your question needs clarification. You want to make a web based game but not use the most prolific web technology webgl Do you want to make a game that runs cross-platform but is not necessarily browser based? –  Nathaniel Johnson Jan 2 at 2:55
SO seems to be the wrong place for questions like this. Try it on reddit or some game dev forum. –  Kay Jan 2 at 10:00
Okay ill try else where... the reason i don't like webgl is that it dosen't work at even half of the performance on tablets plus it's known by fewer people. And on tablets apps, in my opinion, are better than websites anyway. Cross platform is the advantage i am looking for, but for web based today that seems to be the only advantage. No speed, and graphics. & it's more like write once and tweak everywhere. flash and unity player..not perfect but better at these. Besides, They can work on iphone/ipad as an app but in browsers, where nothing else work anyways for now and for next 3 years. –  Muhammad Umer Jan 2 at 18:55

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