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Can someone explain how this code works, in particular the for loop part as I get the rest of it.

String x = "hello world";

for(int i = x.length() - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
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What exactly is hard for you to understand? This code loops backwards (from the end of the string to its beginning). – PM 77-1 Jan 2 '14 at 0:40
Honestly, after looking back at it now I don't see why I didn't get it myself. The explanations were all great and thanks for answering my question. – Steglas Jan 2 '14 at 0:58
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Think of your string as an array of characters. In this array obviously each character will have an index.

h e l l o   w o r l d
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The array index is zero based. Because your loop begins at the length of the string -1. Your loop will start at 11-1 which is 10. Then it simply prints out one character at a time working backwords.

The first iteration the index or i value is 10, so charAt(10) will print out the 'd'

The second iteration the index is one less than 10 because you are decrementing in the for loop. So 10-1 = 9. charAt(9) will print out 'l'

This will continue until your loop reaches the end condition where the index i is equal to 0. The loop then stops and the program is finished.

Essentially all you are doing is printing out the string backwords. So your end result will be dlrow olleh

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It's a basic for loop that starts with the first position being the end of the string, and then decreases by 1 at every iteration (and stops when the i is < 0). It could also be written as

String x = "hello world";
for (int i = 0; i < x.length(); i++) {
  System.out.print(x.charAt(x.length() - (i+1)));

Which will also print

dlrow olleh
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First of all, it is easier to understand well formatted code.

String x = "hello world";

for (int i = x.length() - 1; i >= 0; i--) {

Now we can break it down.

int i = x.length() - 1

Initial an int variable, i, with the value x.length() - 1, which is the last index of the string (the index of a string/array is 0 to length - 1).

i >= 0;

While the current index i is greater than or equal to the first index (0), print the character to the console; System.out.print(x.charAt(i));.


Decrement the index i so it refers to the previous character.

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The for loop:

int i=x.length()-1 create an integer called i which is equal to the number of the final character in the string.

i>=0 keep running this loop (everything inside the braces) while the value i is greater than or equal to 0. 0 is the number of the first character in the string. i.e. in the string "Hello", the numbers of the characters are [0]H, [1]e, [2]l, [3]l, [4]o.

i-- on each iteration of this loop, decrease the value ("decrement") the value of i.

The line of code within the for loop:

System.out.print(x.charAt(i)); print the character at the location given by the value 'i' i.e. "the character in the string x at the location i.

The resulting behaviour is:

  1. print out character 10 from string x -> d
  2. print out character 9 from string x -> l
  3. print out character 8 from string x -> r
  4. print out character 7 from string x -> o
  5. print out character 6 from string x -> w
  6. print out character 5 from string x ->
  7. print out character 4 from string x -> o
  8. print out character 3 from string x -> l
  9. print out character 2 from string x -> l
  10. print out character 1 from string x -> e
  11. print out character 0 from string x -> h

Please then read this:

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A for loop works like this:

For ( Initialization; Statement; Incrementation) { INSERT CODE HERE }

Initialization: In your code, the for loop creates a variable i that is set equal to the number of characters in "hello world" - 1. Since there are 11 characters in the String, 11-1 = 10. Therefore i = 10.

Statement: In a for loop, there is a statement. If the statement is true, the code inside the body will execute. Since i (which is 11) is greater than or equal to 0, the code will execute (after incrementation).

Incrementation: The variable i now goes down by 1. It is now equal to 10. The code will execute now.

Code: X.charAt(i) gives the character that is at the index of the string X. Since i is equal to 10, the program will give you the letter at the 10th index, which is "d".

Statement: The program now goes to the statement again. i=10. 10 is greater than or equal to 0. i is now equal to 9. The code will now execute, giving the letter at the 9th index, "l".

This will keep going until i reaches -1. Once it reaches -1, it is no longer greater than or equal to 0, so the program will stop, giving you "dlrow olleh"

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