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A User has_many accounts, and an Account belongs_to a Role. A Role can be 'student', 'admin', 'instructor'.

To view instructors, I could do this:


  # controller
  role = params[:role]
  @accounts = Account.joins{role}.where{ }

What I would like do is this:


And, create a route for each type of account. Im struggling a bit figuring out the best way to create these routes.

   resources :accounts do
     collection do
       get "instructors", to: "accounts#index", as: "instructors", default: {filter_by: Role.find_by_name('instructor').id}

How would I do this in rails 4 routes?

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I'd guess this:

resources :accounts, path: 'instructors', as: 'instructors', filter_by: 'instructors'


get "/:filter_by", 
  constraints: { filter_by: /instructors|another_type/ }, 
  to: "accounts#index", 
  as: "accounts"
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That did it. Is there a way to DRY it up, or do I need a resource for accounts and then a resource for each type of account I want a named route for? – hellion Jan 2 '14 at 2:07
I've updated the answer with a more dry way. – Bartosz Jan 2 '14 at 2:17

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