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I am using Koala to get user posts From Facebook. I have a JSON object in which I have all posts data for a certain user. In my view I need to display each of these posts. My question here is how to get a thumbnail photo from a shared URL to be inserted in the post, like what Facebook posts look. I can grab the URL by post['link'] but how to get/parse a thumbnail for it inside this view.

Here is a snippet from my view code:

<div id="tab-content1" class="tab-content animated fadeIn">
<% if @posts %>
 <% @posts.each do |post| %>
    <%= content_tag :div, :id => "post", :class => "float-left" do %>
        <h1 id="name"><%= post['from']['name'] %></h1>
        <% if post['type'] == 'status' %>
            <p><%= post['message'] %></p>
        <% end %>
        <% if post['type' == 'link']
    <% end %>
 <% end %>
<% end %>

And here is what I want to achieve:

Image of URL

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i don't use koala gem but i know how get some size picture friends = @graph.get_connections("me", "friends?fields=id,name,picture.type(large)") post debug views like <%= debug variable_name %> –  Зелёный Jan 2 at 6:59
Are you trying to make it look like the real FB posts? You'll have to have code to handle the different types of posts (video/image/link) etc. Perhaps you could simplify things by using the Facebook Embedded posts? developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/embedded-posts –  madebydavid Jan 2 at 21:08

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