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I would like to create a custom UITabBarItem with a Icon-image thats size is a little bit bigger than usual. The thing is I don't want to use a full replace of the background image because i would like to have the translucent effect of the TabBar.

So i would like to know 2 things:

  1. What sizes are now correct for the new iOS7 UITabBarItems and their icons

  2. How do I modify the size of the icon to display a bigger icon, because i dont want to show a title. Without the title its kinda small. In mind to keep the translucent effect displaying.

Any help or suggestions would be great!

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Regardless of the icon’s visual style, create a toolbar or navigation bar icon in the following sizes:

About 44 x 44 pixels
About 22 x 22 pixels (standard resolution)
Regardless of the icon’s visual style, create a tab bar icon in the following sizes:

About 50 x 50 pixels (96 x 64 pixels maximum)
About 25 x 25 pixels (48 x 32 pixels maximum) for standard resolution

Have a look at these Developers guide for bar & buttons
Bar icons in Human interface guidelines

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just a question: what are these maximum sizes? Are those the whole button size? –  SaifDeen Jan 2 at 13:01
Yes... whole button size –  Prince Agrawal Jan 2 at 14:59
ah thx, here a answer that helped my 2. question: stackoverflow.com/questions/16285205/… –  SaifDeen Jan 2 at 15:46

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