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There is an input File competent in JSPX page where the user can select a file to upload. The user will press a Save button to store file in the database.

Work Flow:

  1. When the user select the file to upload the valueChangeListener will be called.

  2. In the valueChangeListener I am storing the file into local variable of type UplodedFile. I am able to access all file property from this variable in the valueChangeListener; that is, I can access the file name, size,... form the local variable within the valueChangeListener.

  3. When the user press the Save button a method to commit the changes is called.

  4. In the commit method I am getting the file data from the local variable that hold the file data.

The problem is:

This local variable that should store the file data is always NULL. I have no idea why this variable does not contain the file data although I set its value in the valueChangeListener.


I tried to bind the input File competent to a local variable and again it gave me the same result NULL value.

I am using ADF Technology JDeveloper

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No idea why the down vote. The question is clear, well formatted and have answered by expert like (Timo Hahn) –  Ahmad Jan 28 at 6:31

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You have to process the data inside the value change listener as it's only present during the request. The file data is removed after the request.

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