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Rails 4. Hi I d'like to add an lightbox to my application. I have follow the step-by-step instructions for Lightbox but my photo gallery doesn't respond at all

I have called (:all : application) the file necessary in my application.html.erb. My view is ok I think the problem reside in my way to call the vendor files.

I place all the lightbox files under vendor/assets/javascript and vendor/assets/stylesheets respectively. I did create an vendor/assets/images for the Lightbox images file (close icon...) and my application.html.erb contains:

stylesheet_link_tag    "application",  media: "all", "data-turbolinks-track" => true
javascript_include_tag "application", "data-turbolinks-track" => true 

Nothing show up properly concerning my photo-gallery. any help?

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Share some code pls –  simonmorley Jan 2 at 9:41

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in your /assets/javascripts/application.js add this line after //= require jquery:

//= require lightbox-2.6.min

same thing for your /assets/stylesheets/application.js add this line :

//= require lightbox
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no I still have an issue with this. Cause the lightbox effect doesn't appears like it sould be. –  Papouche Guinslyzinho Jan 3 at 5:48
@PapoucheGuinslyzinho what is the problem ? –  medBo Jan 3 at 5:53
lightbox.css and lightbox-2.6.min.js are charge properly on the <header> but not my img folder cause. I do have the lightbox effect on my pictures but I don't have the X or the > Foward button anymore. (my gist::gist.github.com/guinslym/8233045) –  Papouche Guinslyzinho Jan 3 at 6:18
ok i got it! @medBo –  Papouche Guinslyzinho Jan 3 at 6:51
i think you are placed images in a folder, and your css file point to another place then can't find your images , is this the problem ? –  medBo Jan 3 at 7:04

I added the following line that @medBo told me too.

But for the IMG folder I placed it inside the public folder.

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great :) happy that work for you –  medBo Jan 3 at 8:44

add '.scss' to the lightbox.css file and edit line 195 to 'background: url(/img/close.png) top right no-repeat;' then you can keep the img folder inside the assets folder where it belongs if you are going to compile assets localy

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