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I need this for implementing the secret maze mini-game and I am unable to set a background image for a JPanel. It has to be, strictly, JPanel. In addition it would be good to be solved via an URL. If you can give me some, not just ideas I would appreciate it, cause I have read some ideas, but they weren't working or at least I didn't succeed in implementing them.

I have the following code:

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import javax.swing.event.*;
public class PanelLooks extends JFrame
    JPanel content = new JPanel();
    private JButton NewGameBtn = new JButton("New Game");
    private JButton TopTimesBtn = new JButton("Top Times");
    private JButton QuitGameBtn = new JButton("Quit Game");
    public PanelLooks() {
        setPreferredSize(new Dimension(600, 600));
        content.setLayout(new FlowLayout());
        NewGameBtn.setBounds(250, 160, 100, 30);
        TopTimesBtn.setBounds(250, 260, 100, 30);
        QuitGameBtn.setBounds(250, 360, 100, 30);
        this.setTitle("Secret Maze");

The latest version after editing contains an attempt that fails because of a NullPointerException:

private BufferedImage myPicture;
    private JLabel picLabel = new JLabel(new ImageIcon(myPicture));
    public void backgroundImage()
            BufferedImage myPicture = ImageIO.read(new File("D:/Dokumentumok/Egyetem/Object oriented programming/Java project/Project/Background.jpg"));
        catch(IOException ex)
            System.err.println("File not found!");

and this picLabel is called in the constructor as the others were by:

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"cause I have read some ideas" Prove it by linking to them, and explaining what it is you do not understand! This just seems like the typical statement of someone who has done 0 research and expects us to spoon-feed the information to them, for the millionth time.. :( –  Andrew Thompson Jan 2 at 10:15
BTW - Java GUIs might have to work on a number of platforms, on different screen resolutions & using different PLAFs. As such they are not conducive to exact placement of components. To organize the components for a robust GUI, instead use layout managers, or combinations of them, along with layout padding & borders for white space. –  Andrew Thompson Jan 2 at 10:16
Is this question about colors or images? So far two people have presumed 'color' though the title states 'image'. –  Andrew Thompson Jan 2 at 10:33
About images. With colors is obvious. There is put a color, just to see if setBackground is working, but instead of that I would like an image. –  rafanadal Jan 2 at 10:47
Tried it adding a try-catch statement and with BufferedImage, added the path, it throws a NullPointerException. Tried with inner classes as some answers were here on this site, does not happen anything. Tried it with labels: nothing happening. –  rafanadal Jan 2 at 10:55

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I had something to get a local file and lookmed around a little bit and this is working for me:

    public static void changeIcon2(URL adress,JLabel imageLabel) throws JavaLayerException, IOException, InterruptedException {
    BufferedImage temp = ImageIO.read(adress);

    imageLabel.setIcon(new ImageIcon(temp));


Simply call it in you Code where you need it.

So - your problem (i ran into it, too) you have to use URL not File.

But what i am using in my Program to read local files (it is a bit specific for my project):

    public static void changeIcon(String championname,JLabel imageLabel) throws JavaLayerException, IOException, InterruptedException {
    ImageIcon temp = new ImageIcon(getLolPath()+"\\League of Legends\\rads\\projects\\lol_air_client\\releases\\"+currentVersion+"\\deploy\\assets\\images\\champions\\"+championname+"_Square_0.png");


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"you have to use URL not File." +1 This BG image is apparently an embedded resource (it will be in a Jar), and will not be available as a File. Or a longer way to say that is: By the time of deployment, those resources will likely become an embedded-resource. That being the case, the resource must be accessed by URL instead of File. See the info page for the tag, for a way to form an URL. –  Andrew Thompson Jan 2 at 11:14
True, I didn't consider that. Changed to URL, but still throws my NullPointerException at this line: private JLabel picLabel = new JLabel(new ImageIcon(myPicture)); –  rafanadal Jan 2 at 11:27
that is because myPicture is not initialised yet. you have to call that line after the try-catch Block, then it should work as intended. - or add default image as a placeholder and then simply call private BufferedImage myPicture = new BufferedImage(placeholder); instead of only private BufferedImage myPicture; –  Marenthyu Jan 2 at 11:30
Thanks for your help for both of you. Finally this site will teach me some programming, instead of my professors. :) –  rafanadal Jan 2 at 11:48

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