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I'm experimenting with loading classes and have got this

I have a file Dog.java:

package testing;
public class Dog {
  public int legs = 4;

  public Dog(){

In another file, I have the reload code

(defn to-byte-array [^java.io.File x]
  (with-open [buffer (java.io.ByteArrayOutputStream.)]
    (io/copy x buffer)
    (.toByteArray buffer)))

(defn reload-from-file
  [classname f]
  (.defineClass (clojure.lang.DynamicClassLoader.)
                (to-byte-array f)

(defn reload-from-dir
  [dir classname]
  (let [file-path (->> (clojure.string/split classname #"\." )
                       (clojure.string/join java.io.File/separator))
        f (io/file (str dir "/" file-path ".class"))]

(reload-from-dir "." "testing.Dog")

If I run lein javac, copy the files from "target/classes" into the root directory and then use (reload-from-dir "." "testing.Dog"), I can reload the class, but it takes some work.

However, if I run lein javac and then use (reload-from-dir "target/classes" "testing.Dog") it does not reload because its parent classloader has already loaded testing.Dog

Is there a way around it by disabling the search path of the previous classloaders?

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