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I have a column with different values :


I want to create a new column in the same table based on these values.

For example, if the value is 1 or 4, I want to display the corresponding line in OK and NOT OK for the rest.


1 OK 
4 OK 

I think we should use an if condition, but how to create at same time with the column values ​​in the table?

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if 1 and 4 are always ok and 2 and 8 are always not ok why not create a new table for this and join them on this value? what happens if 5 occurs? – RoughPlace Jan 2 '14 at 10:59
@Yakyb He told 'not ok' for rest. That treats 5 as well, I think. – Praveen Prasannan Jan 2 '14 at 11:18
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Better use Case statement.

Case when id in (1,4) Then 'Ok' Else 'Not Ok' End as Myfield
FROM  MyTable


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Do you want a new column in your table or just in the SELECT output? If you need a new table column, add it and then run an UPDATE query.

UPDATE `mytable`
SET `result` = CASE 
   WHEN id in (1,4) THEN 'ok'
   ELSE 'not ok' END;

SQL Fiddle

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Since you say "I want to display" I'll give you some If Snippets

This is how it works, Simply for ex:

SELECT IF(field= '1', 'OK', 'NOT OK') as Myfield
FROM  MyTable


SELECT IF(field= '1', 'OK', IF(field= '4', 'OK', 'NOT OK')) as Myfield
FROM  MyTable

;So here the result will be `OK` if there is any 1, 4 or else `NOT OK`

Here is MySQL Documentation about If Conditions

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