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Got multiple files in a log directory. Have to search for a string like xyz: and print a message if log contains a number greater than 3000.

Example 'xyz:40000/my'

Can some one suggest how to achieve it using regEx in perl.

  if(number next to xyz: is greater than 3000)
    print "Oh my god";

I know it is an elementary question but I'm new to perl regEx. Any pointers would help

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You can try this snippet in a script run using perl -n:

if (/^xyz:([0-9]+)/)
    if ($1 > 3000)
        print "Oh no!";

You can also print the whole offending line printing just $_ (or just print, that defaults to the current line). Or you can even accept the pattern to search for in each line in the command line, etc.

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wow, thats simple. It didn't flash to me. –  user3153360 Jan 3 '14 at 4:27

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