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I have wrote simple shell script test.sh as follows:

while getopts ":A:" OPTION
   case $OPTION in
      echo $OPTARG
      echo "no option"


And executed the scripts as follows

$ ./test.sh -A 1 2

Now if got argument 1 by $OPTARG but how can i access the second argument ( 2 in this case)?

Regards Jayesh

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what is the question?? –  Anubhab Jan 2 at 12:03
Can you elaborate in little more detail like what exactly you want to do with above script? –  Yogi Jan 2 at 12:06
okay if I understand you correctly you are trying to bind both 1 and 2 with -A option, you can pass 2 with another switch like ./test.sh -A 1 -B 2 and then parse them. Here is a helpful link => stackoverflow.com/questions/16483119/… –  ashish Jan 2 at 12:11

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There are several options.

(1) You can use shift and take $1

 while -n "$1"
  # do something with $1

(2) You can iterate through the args:

 for i
    # do something with $i

There are other alternatives also.

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Thanks lgor Chubin. it really help me. –  Jayesh Jan 2 at 13:19

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