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I'm trying to write strings with spaces into a listbox, and keep them aligned.

Here is the code:

    List<String> treeNames = new List<String>();
    int counter = 1;

    treeNames.Add("Input                ");
    treeNames.Add("Output               ");
    treeNames.Add("Sequence Type        ");

   foreach (String currentData in treeNames)
         listBox1.Items.Add(currentData + " - " + counter.ToString());

Here's what I hope to achieve:

Input                 - 1
Output                - 2
Sequence Type         - 3

Instead, I'm getting:

Input           - 1
Output               - 2
Sequence Type                   - 3

Any ideas how can I align them?

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Is this WPF? Or WinForms? –  DeeMac Jan 2 at 12:35
Shouldn't you be using a mono-spaced font? –  Hmm Jan 2 at 12:36
this [thread][1] may help resolve your issue [1]: stackoverflow.com/questions/4982807/… –  crunchy Jan 2 at 12:37
Look at maybe using ListView. –  DeeMac Jan 2 at 12:38

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well You can use String.PadRight method.

Returns a new string that left-aligns the characters in this string by padding them with spaces on the right, for a specified total length.

Let's say you have 20 characters length for name as maximum

public String stringHighscore()
     return name + name.PadRight(20 - name.Length) + "\t\t\t" + score.ToString();

If your name's length is 13, this will add 7 space characters. And that way, your all name's length will equal (20) at the end.

Try this hope it works in your case as well.

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My guess is someone realized padding the string will just add spaces. It will not get the text to align the way the OP wants, unless he also changes the font to a fixed-width font. –  Grant Winney Jan 2 at 12:42
I downvoted this answer, for the exact reason @GrantWinney said, in addition to the fact that there are other options (better options in my opinion). No need to be angry. Down-voting is a key part of the SO process. –  DeeMac Jan 2 at 13:09
Ok, it worked! Thanks. Now, I'm trying to add the same formatted string into a TreeView node, but for some reason they are completely aligned, even with the solution you presented, any idea why? –  Idanis Jan 2 at 13:14
foreach (String currentData in treeNames)
     listBox1.Items.Add(String.Format("{0, -20} {1, 10}", currentData, ("-  " + counter.ToString())));
     counter += 1;
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