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I display my results in jQuery Masonry style (http://masonry.desandro.com/) together with jQuery Quicksearch (https://github.com/DeuxHuitHuit/quicksearch).
When I do a search, the not matching "bricks" gets removed/hidden - which is correct. But the remaining, matching, "bricks" are spread all around the page because they're locked in a spesific position.

I know Masonry are able to reposition the "bricks" when you resize the browser window width, so my first idea was to just do +1px and -1px to kind of trigger this effect by adding something to the Quicksearch onAfter-option: - like so:

onAfter: function (){

just to check if I could manage to change the window size, but this didn't work at all.

Anyone done anything similar?
- or, is there a way to reposition the Masonry-"bricks" after an event, like on keyUp or something?

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Try using the following, it worked for me except for one thing (further below):

jQuery('input#inputfinderid').quicksearch('#content-block .item-to-search',
                'delay': 200,

                'show': function () {
                //show parent of the items found
                'hide': function () {
                //hide parent of the items not found

                'onAfter': function () {
                    if (jQuery('input#inputfinderid').val()) {
                        //hide parent as you type

                    } else {
                //show parent as you type
                    //re-sort masonry objects

The only trouble I'm having is that sometimes the layout won't adjust properly and if I have 3 columns, it'll create 3 rows with 1 column/item in each. Yet sometimes it'll properly display all 3 items in 1 row.

Can anyone assist with that?

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