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How to write Junit for Spring MVC controller method as follows

@RequestMapping(value = "/addNewApplicant", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public @ResponseBody
String addApplicant(MultipartHttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response, @ModelAttribute("applicantData")
ApplicantData data)
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There is nothing to test. It's an empty handler that does absolutely nothing. – Bart Jan 2 '14 at 14:28
Not true - you can test mappings (as you have pointed out in your answer). – Michał Rybak Jan 2 '14 at 14:37

If you're looking to perform requests have a look at Springs MockBuilders.

For example:

public class MyTests {
    private MockMvc mockMvc;

    private WebApplicationContext wac;

    public void setup() {
        mockMvc = MockMvcBuilders.webAppContextSetup(this.wac).build();

    public void test() {
                .param("key1", "value1")
                .param("key2", "value2")
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this test case not hit controller method and getting Error:- Current request is not of type [org.springframework.web.multipart.MultipartHttpServletRequest]: – MontyP Jan 3 '14 at 12:24
You can change post() to fileUpload() to indicate a multipart request. – Bart Jan 3 '14 at 16:54

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