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I am fairly new to spring and am working on a project that has a spring bean being inserted into a view that is of type:


I can use jstl tags to iterate through it and pick out map objects however when I try to access the data using javascript directly I am getting "unexpected token =" errors.

if assign the bean to a javascript variable I can see that it is pulling the object The line:

var test = ${groupBean}

translates to:

var test = [{groupId=1, value=10495}, {groupID=2, value=7286}, {groupID=3, value=16670}];

at run time but reports the unexpected token error. Looking at javascript lists it looks like they should be created in the form

var list = [
    { date: '12/1/2011', reading: 3, id: 20055 },
    { date: '13/1/2011', reading: 5, id: 20053 },

but that is not the way that the object is being pulled from the controller. Is there any way to access this directly?

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You can use JSON to serialize the data structure as a JavaScript object literal. (Or loop over the list and print key:value pairs, but it would be more prone to errors). –  pawel Jan 2 at 13:37

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