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In my app I have got two different appwidgets. Both show and edit the same value. Both widgets are working fine. My question is: how can I call the onUpdate of the second widget when I edited the value in the first one? Thank you for the answers!

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See this link

Call the updateAppWidget method of the AppWidgetManager passing in the Widget ID of the widget you want to update and the RemoteViews to update it to.

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Thanks for the answer. Yes, but I dont have the RemoteViews of the second widget in my first one. –  Wurzelbert Jan 2 at 13:43
Then you need to work out a way to get them. Abstract out the code that creates them so that it is accessible from either widget –  Kuffs Jan 2 at 14:02
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I solved my problem by using different broadcasts for each widget. This should be the easiest solution.

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