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We are using the ASP.NET AD authentication via <asp:Login> container. I'd like to add some functionality to either do AD authentication (which currently works without me generating code) or database authentication.

I handled the Authenticate event to optionally make the database call if configured in the web.config, however it seems to be all or nothing. Either I have to do both the AD and the database authentication by code or just use AD. Can I handle the database stuff and pass thru AD authentication and let the system handle it (e.g. how it is doing it now behind the scenes?).

The problem is right now I do not have any code to handle the AD stuff, so if I am using AD, then the handled event is called, the auth variable is populated to false, and the login fails. I'd like to do the AD stuff but not necessarily write a bunch of code (if I have to that is fine).

Here is my asp.net code.

  <asp:Login id="ADLogin" runat="server" destinationpageurl="Summary.aspx" width="250px" ForeColor="White"
        remembermetext="Remember me next time on this computer" titletext="" 
    usernamelabeltext="User Name: " passwordlabeltext="Password: " 
        onloggedin="ADLogin_LoggedIn" onloginerror="ADLogin_LoginError" 

Here is my c# code for the event.

    protected void ADLogin_Authenticate(object sender, AuthenticateEventArgs e)
        // i am not sure if i want to rewrite all of the AD stuff.
        bool useAD = (ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["UseActiveDirectory"].ToString() == "true") ? true : false;
        bool auth = false;

        if (!useAD)
            auth = IsDatabaseUser(ADLogin.UserName, ADLogin.Password);
        else // call base method?? (or something??)


        e.Authenticated = auth;
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Also this post is somewhat helpful, but as far as I can tell does not come up with a solution to do what I need (call internal method to handle AD authentication from the handled OnAuthenticate event) stackoverflow.com/questions/821395/… –  Rob Jan 2 at 14:16

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I dont think programaticaly handling AD codes ( your own) is a good attempt. but asp.net provider model is an outstanding practice. you can extend the provider model. the following links provides you what you actually looking.


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Thanks, to clarify, I did the steps on this page already, so AD authentication does work. However I think I need to handle the onauthenticate event to use either database or AD authentication, and here is where I get lost, it seems I have to code for both AD and database authentication if I handle that event. –  Rob Jan 2 at 14:13
Rob, let me know i understood your problem correctly. I think you have to integrate AD authentication also some custom authentication with your own logic also rob check this link codeproject.com/Articles/265870/… –  Binson Eldhose Jan 2 at 14:15
Thanks for the link, this got me to where I wanted to be. I did need a small procedure to do the AD lookup. –  Rob Jan 2 at 14:58

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