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What's the best way to send quick one-liner e-mails to an administrative address in Rails?

I am using the Rails Logger to keep track of nasty problems in my application. One of my controllers is doing mission-critical work and I need to know of any errors ASAP. When there is an error, I would like my app to send an email to myself, calling attention to the log containing more details. I'm envisioning something like the following pseudo-code:

   logger.error("Found an error!  Params hash is " + params.to_s)
   email("user@example.com","Critical error in log.  Investigate line " + len(logger.error).to_s)

The obvious first place I looked at was ActionMailer. However, both the documentation and my literature talk about creating a mailer Model, View & Controller, which seems overly complex for what I want: A very short (one-line) e-mail to an email address where formatting & reply-to address doesn't matter at all. This brings me back to my question: What's the best way to send quick one-liner e-mails to an administrative e-mail address in Rails?

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Take a look at the Pony gem (as in Pony Express), which is a lightweight alternative to ActionMailer:

require 'pony'
Pony.mail(:to => 'user@example.com', :from => 'railsapp@example.com',
          :subject => 'Critical error in log')

Alternatively, you could sign up for a free account with Hoptoad and raise an exception from your application. They'll capture it and send you an email.

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Voting up for the Hoptoad suggestion. – Mike Buckbee Jan 19 '10 at 7:13

There are plenty of exception notification plugins for Rails: http://www.ruby-toolbox.com/categories/exception_notification.html

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github.com/rails/exception_notification is crazy simple to set up. – Jonathan Julian Jan 18 '10 at 22:24

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