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I have a network management dll written in C++ with wrapper functions in C which requires a procedure from the accompanying Delphi app to send data over the network.

I am passing a function pointer to the C++ dll so that it can call the procedure in the delphi app.

Here's what I thought would work but resulted in an EAV in the dll:-

Delphi Part:

unit NetMgrWrapper;


uses System.Classes;


TNetMgrSendData =
procedure ( AUID, ASize: Integer; ABuffer: Pointer ) of object;

TNetMgr = class ( TObject )
  fNetworkManager : Pointer;
  constructor Create ( const AOnSendData: TNetMgrSendData );
  destructor  Destroy; override;


  DLL_NAME = 'NetMgr.dll';

function  CreateNetMgr ( APtrToSendData: Pointer ): Pointer; cdecl; external DLL_NAME;
procedure FreeNetMgr ( ANetMgr: Pointer ); cdecl; external DLL_NAME;

constructor TNetMgr.Create ( const AOnSendData: TNetMgrSendData );
  fNetworkManager := CreateNetMgr ( @AOnSendData );

destructor TNetMgr.Destroy;
  FreeNetMgr ( fNetworkManager );

C++ Part

#include "cbase.h"
#include "buffer.h"
#include "INatMgr.h"

class NetMgr : public INetManager
     void (*ExternalSendData) (int, int, void *);
     NetMgr ( void (*PtrToSendData) (int,int,void *) )
       ExternalSendData = PtrToSendData;
     virtual void SendData ( int uid, const CBuffer &payload )
       CBuffer Packet;
       Packet = payload;
       Packet.ResetPtr ();
       ExternalSendNATData ( uid, Packet.LengthBuffer(), Packet.Ptr() );

DLL_EXPORT NetMgr CreateNetMgr ( void(*APtrToSendData)(int,int,void *) )
  return new NetMgr ( APtrToSendData );

DLL_EXPORT void FreeNetMgr ( NetMgr *pNetMgr )
  delete pNetMgr;
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The C++ function receives a function pointer of type

void(*APtrToSendData)(int,int,void *)

But your Delphi code passes this:

procedure ( AUID, AType, ASize: Integer; ABuffer: Pointer ) of object;

This is simply not compatible. The Delphi procedural type has an extra parameter, uses the register calling convention, and is a method of object.

You need to declare TNetMgrSendData as follows:

TNetMgrSendData = procedure(uid, len: Integer; buffer: Pointer); cdecl;

You make life hard for yourself when you declared CreateNetMgr to receive an untyped pointer. It would be much better to declare it like this:

function CreateNetMgr(APtrToSendData: TNetMgrSendData): Pointer; cdecl; 
  external DLL_NAME;

Then you can also refrain from using the @ operator when you call it.

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How Can I pass a regular method into the create using this as now it gives the regular procedure and method pointer error? –  Umair Ahmed Jan 2 '14 at 15:37
You cannot. C++ does not know about Delphi methods. If it's C++ Builder then you can use a vendor specific extension in the C++ code that is equivalent to of object. You'd be better off passing an extra void* which contained the Delphi object reference. –  David Heffernan Jan 2 '14 at 15:42
FWIW, the Emba C++Builder extension is __closure: docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/en/… –  David Heffernan Jan 2 '14 at 15:50

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