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I have a presentation program, and I have a vertical list with slides. I was wanting to put a horizontal list for re-ordering, and easy movement between slides.

It would look something like this, and might even have a horizontal scrollbar:

|  S1  |  S2  |  S3  |  S4  | |
 <===========================>   Scrollbar

Does PyGTK have support for a horizontal list that I am overlooking, or do I need to implement it using a table? Or maybe a better interface would be just to have another vertical column, but I kind of like the idea of a horizontal list.

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Why don't you use an HBox? Put it on a Viewport and a ScrolledWindow and you will have scrolling support.

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I thought about HBox, but I was wanting something that looked like a list/table. I would have to use buttons or something in an HBox. – bradlis7 Jan 19 '10 at 2:29
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It looks like the CellView may be what I'm looking for. I'll have to play with it to make sure, but it sounds good to me.

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