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I have noticed on a few Github repositories (like this one) that you can have various images show on the main page of your repository. The image that I would like to show up on my repo is called the "build" button. The "build" button shows whether or not all your tests are passing or not. I would like to have this feature on my repo to prove that my code is passing all the unit tests I've written.

Some extra info:

  • I use Travis CI to run all my tests
  • The image I'm after looks like this: Build passing (note the image I want displayed is in the red box I've highlighted)
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What is it you need assistance with? Does Travis CI not have docs on how to do that? –  Michael Berkowski Jan 2 at 15:49
Travis does have docs, about.travis-ci.org/docs/user/build-configuration But I can't seem to find "build passing" image on that page –  John Crawford Jan 2 at 16:20

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It's part of their README.md file, just take a look at the raw source code to see how to embed it... https://raw.github.com/Payum/Payum/master/README.md

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A simple solution. Thanks –  John Crawford Jan 2 at 16:18

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