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I used to use SVN but decided recently to give a try to GIT. I have understood the GT concept and differences between SVN and GIT. Overall I am satisfied with GIT.

The only problem I have so far is the following:

In SVN I use externals. I code with Symfony 2 framework. I have created a repository with name FooBaseBundle which have all symfony 2 folders and files plus 2 bundles, BaseBundle and UserBundle. This is my base for all other projects and have the base functionality. It also has all the vendors and anything else.

This BaseBundle is not functional, cant work aloe, is just a Base thing where all my projects will rely to.

Then I have a real project which is called FooCarBundle. This is a real application/website. But this has as repository the Base and as externals some other bundles that are associated ONLY with this project.

In short how can I achieve this in GIT? How have a Base repository that all projects will use this (and of course when i do a change from one project then Base will be changed for all) and then uses externals for specific project bundles/plugins?

So something like that:

Project->app (Base Repository)
       ->vendors (Base Repository)
       ->bundles (Base Repository)
                ->BaseBundle (Base Repository)
                ->UserBundle (Base Repository)
                ->FooCarBundle (External FooCar Repository)
                ->FooCarBackEndBundle (External FooCarBackEnd Repository)
       ->web (Base Repository)

So when I change a file in Base Repository and commit this should be committed to Base repository and then when update another project that uses Base repository will apply this change. But if I change only files inside FooCarBundle or FooCarBackEndBundle then these will apply to FooCar Repository only and wont affect any other project because FooCar Repository is used only from FooCarBundle

Thanks a lot and happy new year!

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I think git submodule will do what you want. –  depquid Jan 2 at 17:21
Hello, can you please give me an example? –  user783029 Jan 2 at 17:35
Also any other better practice achieving this is welcome. –  user783029 Jan 2 at 17:36
Also check Composer –  Arjan Jan 2 at 19:13
You can use satis for private repositories. It works exactly the same way as composer. check:getcomposer.org/doc/articles/… –  brpaz Jan 3 at 18:13

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