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fancybox version 2 is showing #fancybox-inner horizontal scrolling bar by any reason. Even I changed the size of the box it is showing scrolling bar. How can I hide horizontal scrolling bar?

function display_dialog() {
            href: '/ContactSubmission/',
            type: 'ajax',
            padding: 15,
            openEffect: 'fade',
            openSpeed: 'normal',
            closeEffect: 'elastic',
            closeSpeed: 'slow',
            autoSize: true,
            scrolling: 'auto',
            helpers: {
                title: {
                    type: 'float'
                overlay: {
                    locked: true
            afterLoad: function(){ 



I tried $("#fancybox-frame").css({'overflow-x':'hidden'}); still not working.

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You have scrolling: 'auto' when you open the box. Did you try setting it to scrolling: 'hidden' ? I'm not familiar with fancybox, but if it adds this as an in-line style, it would override your afterLoad css. You could also try adding '!important' in the afterLoad css, as a last resort. –  sn3ll Jan 2 '14 at 20:03
You set scrolling: 'auto' but I guess it should be scrolling: 'no' –  JFK Feb 12 '14 at 4:23

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Sometimes it will occur due to dimension of fancy box. For example,

   href: '#reviseDiv',
   width: 800    //the width of fancy box is 800 pixel 

 <div class="widget-content" style="display: none;width:800px;margin-left:30%;">
    <div id="reviseDiv" style="width:750px;margin-left:5%"> 
           //here width not exceed from width of fancy box

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yah! exactly this is my problem. Thanks save my time –  jackson Jan 13 at 9:25

I personally wouldn't even edit the js to do this, I would edit the CSS.


#fancybox-inner {
    overflow-x: hidden;

(though I thought fancybox-inner is normally a class, not an ID, so if that doesnt work try .fancybox-inner instead)

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I would add an !important so fancybox (javascript) cannot override this... –  algorhythm Apr 16 '14 at 8:23

Here is another possibility:

    scrolling: 'auto',
    afterLoad: function() { 
            'overflow-y': 'auto',
            'overflow-x': 'hidden'

You have to set the css-property overflow on the .fancybox-inner-element and on afterLoad because beforeLoad the settings from fancybox-property scrolling will be set an can override your's.

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