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This is my first post here and I've got a big problem concerning the access of local file addresses on tablets.

I'd like to load image files in a game by using AJAX to get a JSON file containing URLs of images. My problem is that I dont know if it is possible to get local file addresses directly from the tablet folders using JSON.

Seems like I should use an URL that looks like this "storage/sdcard0/myImage.png." but I'm not sure that it's actually calling the file. Is it ?

I'm using Construct 2 because I'm not a coder, so I'm quite limited as for raw JavaScript programming. Please try not to flood me with code :D

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I believe you can, URI can be used for urls and local filepaths: developer.android.com/reference/android/net/Uri.html –  KickAss Jan 2 at 17:59
Thanks for the fast answer ! I'll build a prototype during this week end to verify that it works. I'll post the results here. –  Shapter Jan 2 at 18:20
Is this the correct answer you were looking for? –  KickAss Jan 2 at 18:25
I have to test it to be sure but if URI are accepted in the JSON syntax it may be what I was looking for :D –  Shapter Jan 3 at 13:57

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I believe you can, URI can be used for urls and local filepaths:

URI | Android Developer

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