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i need to display the contents added by that user...

i have designed a view to display the result.. but it displays the results of all users..... i need to display the contents added by that user...

when i pass the argument of userid it works, but is there any dynamic way to do that....

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If all you need is a list of nodes by the current user, the easiest way is to use the User:Current filter. Just click the [+] next to 'Filters', choose 'User:Current' from the list, click the 'Add' button and set the filter to 'Yes'.

The argument-method as described by streetparade (using the 'User: Uid' argument) is useful if you want users to see the list of other users as well. Suppose that your view's url is www.example.com/my-content. If you add a user argument, user #3 could see what user #7 has posted on www.example.com/my-content/7. If you want that, use the argument. If you do not want that, use the filter.

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Use This


global $user;
$userId = $user->uid;

You can access all this way

Drupal UserID

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How is this different from using the "User id from logged in user" option? –  Jeremy French Jan 19 '10 at 7:03
Whenever possible, you should always avoid writing custom php code stored in the db, but should instead use the options provided by views like marcvangend describe. –  googletorp Jan 19 '10 at 15:51

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