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I can use GTK "allocation" function, but that only gives the position relative to its parent. How does one find the absolute position of a GTK widget inside of a window?

Ie, if the widget appears 500 pixels in, and 300 pixels down, but is nested inside various hboxes and tables, how do we find out it is in a 500x300 pixel position?

I need to make a window appear in an exact place under another widget.


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Use the gtk_widget_translate_coordinates() function to map from the coordinates of your child widget to the coordinates of the toplevel containing the widget. It might look something like

GtkWidget *somewidget;
gint wx, wy;
gtk_widget_translate_coordinates(somewidget, gtk_widget_get_toplevel(somewidget), 0, 0, &wx, &wy);

Note that in many cases forcing the position of a new window is a misfeature unless it's acting as a popup menu.

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Thank you for the very fast answer. It works!! :) –  user129975 Jan 18 '10 at 21:29

Another approach:

gint wx, wy;
gdk_window_get_origin (gtk_widget_get_window (somewidget), &wx, &wy);
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This is absolute to the screen and no relative to the GTK window! –  schlamar Oct 12 '12 at 6:56

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