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If I have a script that handles state information that's a bit more complex that can be stored in variables, what's the best option for a small in-memory database?

Sqlite is an option, though that would be an external dependency. XML might do, though it's non-relational.

Is there any consensus on a tool for this job?

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Wish there was some more suggestions to this question .... –  Pure.Krome Oct 5 '10 at 6:31

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Considering PowerShell's great support for scripting .NET, how about using an ADO.NET DataSet.

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May be you now any attempt to provide SQL interface above DataSet to add tables and rows into it? Right now it is object oriented. Search for this type of project failed cause of other meaning for keywords involved. –  Dzmitry Lahoda Feb 4 at 12:08

If you need to persist the data across session, consider using SQL Server Compact Edition. I have used it for a number of smallish .NET projects and it generally works like a small, single user SQL Server.


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You'd think this would be good .. but it's SOO limiting :( It can't even do Identities properly :( –  Pure.Krome Oct 5 '10 at 6:31

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