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I wanna to set my title bar like plugin.el@~/.emacs.d/plugin/ , the plugin.el file is in the plugin directory, I googled a lot, no result just is like what I need.

  1. the order of file name and directory name
  2. change /home/username to ~ if the file is in my home directory
  3. the string after @ is just directory name without the file name

Please help...

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Set frame-title-format to something like (:eval (let ((b (buffer-file-name))) (format "%s@%s" (file-name-nondirectory b) (file-name-directory b)))).

Maybe what you are actually looking for is a different uniquification policy, though. This will affect the mode line, the actual buffer names, and (in many standard configurations) the frame title.

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Thank you, very close, but change the HOME to ~, please –  CodyChan Jan 2 at 20:11
The links I included are insufficient for figuring that out? Wrap the directory part in abbreviate-file-name. Maybe still not 100% there but then this is a programming help site, not a free coding service. –  tripleee Jan 2 at 20:45

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