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I know there are different ways to assign shapes and colors to different groups of points in a plot. This is the way I have had success, except now I have my data formatted with row.names. Data looks like:

    row.names   Acidobacteria   Actinobacteria
1   Feb Fort Falls  258 232
2   Feb Fort Falls rep serum bottle 18  60
3   Feb Fort Falls serum bottle 88  68
4   Feb Tryptone Fort Falls 34  0
5   Feb Grass Fort Falls    1032    341
6   Feb Tree Fort Falls 121 730
7   July Fort Falls 31  271
8   July Fort Falls serum bottle    254 67
9   July Tryptone Fort Falls    337 50

... etc

My question is: How can I get the below code to work with row.names? When I just do attr(Brannen.diversity,"row.names") This brings up the row names. But I can not get the shape and color of points to work with the way I have formatted code.


# vector holding the colors
cols <- c("red", "red","red","red","red","red","blue","blue","blue","blue","blue","red","red","red","red","red","blue","blue","blue","blue","blue")
shape <- c(18,18,18,18,18,18,18,18,18,18,18,17,17,17,17,17,17,17,17,17,17)
# empty plot
plot(Brannen.ord, type = "n",axes=FALSE,xlab=" ",ylab=" ")
# Add points colored by Environmental Variable Management
points(Brannen.ord, col = cols[attr(Brannen.diversity,"row.names")], pch = shape[attr(Brannen.diversity,"row.names")])
text(Brannen.ord, col = "black", dis = "sp",cex=0.8)
plot(Brannen.ord.fac,p.max=0.05, cex.lab=4, cex.axis=4, cex.main=4, cex.sub=4)

# add legend
legend("bottomright",legend=levels(attr(Brannen.diversity,"row.names")), col=cols, pch = shape,cex=0.9,inset=0.1,bty="n",y.intersp=0.5,x.intersp=0.8,pt.cex=1.1)


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it looks like you're trying to subset cols with a character vector, but cols doesn't have any names. Also, to the extent that cols is already ordered to match your data, can you just pass cols as the value for the col parameter? If you dput the whole data.frame it might easier to give you an answer. –  BrodieG Jan 2 '14 at 19:29
Define "doesn't work." I can get a legend similar to that just fine, but I haven't tried your specific levels and placement offsets. –  Carl Witthoft Jan 2 '14 at 19:36
BrodieG- you are correct, when I use just "col = cols" and "pch=shape" the points plot. However, now the legend gives me an error "Error in legend("bottomright", legend = levels(attr(Brannen.diversity, : 'legend' is of length 0" –  K. Brannen Jan 2 '14 at 20:02
That suggests that you don't have any levels for the attr you called out. –  Carl Witthoft Jan 3 '14 at 12:44

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