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Just joined a new project which they are using VC#2008 to build an application. There are several components and many files under one project now. I was asked to setup a build machine to start daily build. The first thing I was told to do is write a batch file to call csc.exe to create an executable manually without the VC#2008 installed.

I am new to C# and I have no idea about the solution. I know the old VC++ can create a makefile for us to do manual build. Does the VC#2008 has similar functionality? Any info and links will be appreciated.

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The easiest way to manually build a Visual C# project is to use msbuild. The msbuild executable can be passed the VS project file directly and the result will be identical to VS compiling it.

msbuild myApp.csproj

Msbuild comes as part of the framework and hence can be used without Visual Studio being on the machine.

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Well, you could write a batch file...

... or you could use MSBuild as suggested by others...
... or — even better — something like Cruisecontrol.Net

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MSBuild is pretty handy but I've found NAnt to be easier to use.

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MSBuild seems to be better choice, as *.csproj and *.vbproj are, in fact, MSBuild scripts, so you don't need to write your own scripts. – Bolek Tekielski Jan 19 '10 at 13:16

You should probably take a look at MSBuild.exe - run it from the command line to see the full options.

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In particular, start with msbuild projectname – Craig Stuntz Jan 18 '10 at 20:52

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