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I have five box jobs a,b,c,d,e. Each box job has a starting condition below.

For job a, the condition is: n(b) and n(c) and n(d) and n(e)

For job b, the condition is: n(a) and n(c) and n(d) and n(e)

For job c, the condition is: n(b) and n(a) and n(d) and n(e)

Similarly for other 2 jobs. (n=not running), These jobs will trigger around 10 minutes apart for every 1 hour. Job "a" starts at 9:00 AM, Job "b" starts at 9:10 AM, Job "c" starts at 9:20 AM and so on.

As per above condition when job "a" running b,c,d,e shouldn't run. But in real time what I am finding is, they are running in parallel. following is the example.

Lets assume job "a" started at 9:00 AM and completed at 9:30 AM, Mean time job "b","c","d" starts as per its schedule at 9:10 AM,9:20 AM & 9:30 AM respectively and waiting for Job "a" to complete. As soon as job "a" complete at 9:30 AM, all jobs "b","c" & "d" starting in parallel since at 9:30 AM (probably for fraction of seconds) no jobs are running so conditions for b,c & d jobs are satisfying and triggering the jobs.

Can some one help me with a solution for above issue.

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What have you tried? You might have to provide a sscce.org –  Eric Leschinski Jan 2 '14 at 21:03

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I suggest you can define a resource with single quantity and use the resource in all the 5 jobs. You can even avoid using different start times. This will allow only one job to start at a time.

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Try to flesh out your answer a bit. Such a short answer is much better suited to just be a comment. –  Xaver Kapeller Apr 29 '14 at 17:03

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