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I am searching for "o" then prints all lines with "o". Any suggestion/code I must apply?



desired output:

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When you get your grade please update this question so we can all feel proud or ashamed. – Ed Guiness Oct 16 '08 at 15:12
grep o data.txt

perl -ne 'print if (/o/);' <data.txt
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If you have grep on your system, then grep o data.txt from the command line should do the trick.

Failing that, you could try Perl:

open IN, 'data.txt';
my @l = <IN>;
close IN;
foreach my $l (@l) {
   $l =~ /o/ and print $l;
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grep "o" data.txt

Does that help? I don't know Perl, but you can get the same output using the above grep.

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print if /o/;
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In Perl:

while (<>) { print if /o/; }

or with grep:

grep 'o' data.txt
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as a very short one-liner:

> perl -pe'$_ x=/o/' filename
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